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Proven High-Strength
High-Flow Solutions for YOUR toughest Drainage needs
The direct Route for Re-Directing Ground Water

DELTA®-DRAIN is an effective method to control the flow of damaging soil moisture though cracks and gaps in below grade structures, while relieving hydrostatic pressure.  It is comprised of a multi-layer geocomposite combining a high compressive strength core with a geotextile, bonded to the core for lasting durability.  DELTA®-DRAIN creates an essential path for the vertical and horizontal drainage of soil moisture and filtering of soil particles.  DELTA®-DRAIN has been successfully used in a wide variety of exterior applications where redirection of ground water and pressure relief are primary concerns.  DELTA®-DRAIN large size makes installation faster.  Extra width means less material overlap, less seams, less labor, which leads to an important point--less cost.  DELTA®-DRAIN is typically used in conjunction with liquid and sheet applied waterproofings and as a stand alone drainage composite for civil engineering applications. 

 •  Tunnel construction
 •  Drains off water from underground walls and structures by placing sheets vertically
 •  Retaining Walls
 •  Canals
 •  Hydrostatic pressure relief


The DELTA®DRAIN 6000   system is the heavy duty version of the DELTA®
DRAIN 2000.  DELTA®DRAIN 6000  system  consists of a three-dimensional, tear  resistant polymeric  core and non-woven, needle-punched  filter geotextile.  Fully  bonding the geotextile  to the core’s dimples prevents  the  geotextile from  being  pushed  into the  flow channels by back-fill.  Water can pass freely and easily through the geotextile and into the drain core where gravity feeds it into the drainage system and pipes.


 •  Below grade waterproofing
 •  Pilewall drainage
 •  Lagging wall drainage
 •  Bridge abutments
 •  Roof decks
 •  Hydrostatic pressure relief



DELTA®DRAIN 6200 is a specially manufactured version of DELTA®DRAIN 6000 offering the unltimate in drain  solutions that  incorporates a plastic  sheet  adhered to the back surface of the drain core.  This plastic sheet offers a protective layer on the flat side  of the plastic core to prevent die cutting of soft liquid or sheet applied waterproofing membrane.

DELTA®DRAIN 6200 can also be used in lagging wall applications.  Additionally, the plastic backing on DELTA®DRAIN 6200 can act as a slipsheet between the drain board and the adjacent structure.


 •  Below grade drainage in conjunction with liquid and sheet applied waterproofing
 •  Foundation walls
 •  Parking decks - vertical applications
 •  Hydrostatic pressure relief


DRAIN  9000  is a high-strength,  high  performance  drain  board  ideally suited for demanding horizontal  applications in  plaza deck,  split slab  and horizontal  flat work and pavement construction.  DELTA®DRAIN 9000  utilizes a high-strength woven monofilament filter fabric that offers ideal drainage and support under concrete, soil and beddings.


 •  Plaza decks
 •  Garden roofs/terraces
 •  Earth shelters
 •  Split slab construction
 •  Planter boxes
 •  Parking decks - horizontal applications



Weather-Resistive Barrier & Drainage
Residential & Commercial Construction


It is well known that moisture can be a major source for trouble in construction.  In building envelopes and wall cavities moisture can cause mold, mildew, and major decay, whether the origin of moisture is rainwater that passes the exterior cladding, or condensing vapor from the interior.   DELTA®-DRY provides a unique approach to manage both, moisture from inside and outside in order to protect the wall cavity against moisture damage.


DELTA®-DRY is an impermeable membrane made out of a special high-density polyethylene that provides two-sided drainage through its dimple and groove design.  The structured membrane provides a protective weather resistive barrier with complete capillary break for residential and commercial building structures.  It protects the building from water intrusion behind the exterior cladding (i.e. wind driven rain) by draining it back out to the exterior.  DELTA®-DRY allows water vapor, driven from the interior to the exterior to escape through the air space between exterior sheathing board and membrane, while minimizing the potential for condensation that could cause damage in the wall cavity.


Due to the double sided dimple structure of the membrane breathability is provided on both sides of the product, allowing moisture to escape behind siding, brick veneer, or any other approved exterior cladding.  At the same time DELTA®-DRY impedes solar-driven moisture towards the interior of the structure as it occurs with conventional stucco, brick veneer, or any other absorptive cladding material.  In addition the membrane helps to save energy by reflecting radiation heat - keeping heat outside in the summer, and warmth inside in the winter.


DELTA®-DRY is designed to be installed on the exterior sheathing board (OSB) as a substitute for conventional sheathing membranes (i.e. building paper).  It may also be installed over breather type sheathing membranes or building paper.  Top and bottom edge of the membrane are ventilated (allow for air movement).  The material is easy to cut with a utility knife.  Seams are simply overlapped (shingled) by approximately 3 inches.  Window and door cut-outs are to be wrapped with a self-adhesive flashing material along the bottom sill and the side jambs.  Exterior cladding material can be installed as usual right on top of DELTA®-DRY.


The performance of this innovative weather resistive barrier has been validated through testing at the University of Waterloo and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


 •  Excellent Water Resistance
 •  Full Capillary Break
 •  Outstanding Drainage Capability
 •  Exceptional Drying Characteristics
 •  Pressure Moderation
 •  Stops Solar Driven Moisture
 •  Saves Energy
 •  Combined Breathability & Drainage
 •  Extremely Durable
 •  Performance Tested


EZflow™ Foundation Drainage Systems



The EZflow foundation drain is your complete foundation perimeter drain system.  The EZflow™system consists of a 4” corrugated drainpipe surrounded by 10” of Expanded Polystyrene Aggregate (EPS) wrapped in a Geotextile filter fabric.  This complete system eliminates the traditional three-step system of drainpipe, hours of gravel placement and a Geotextile cover layer. 

The EPS Foam Aggregate replaces the traditional gravel medium in most designed drainage systems, making it light weight and easy to install.  EZflow 10” long sections weigh approximately 10 pounds and are very quickly joined with standard internal corrugated pipefittings.  EZflow foundation drain can easily bend around foundation corners, curves and obstacles.  This versatile system can be used in all types of subsurface drainage applications from foundation, perimeter, slot and interception drains to golf greens, low lying wet area drains and many other subsurface drainage collection requirements. 

EZflow™ specially formulated EPS Aggregate has been tested and approved for drainage applications up to 35’ burial depth.

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CCW MiraDRAIN  Aggregate-Free
Drainage System


Drainage plays a critical role in the design and construction of below grade applications.
  Without proper drainage, groundwater seepage may cause hydrostatic pressure and leakage, resulting in structural damage.  Effective drainage is essential.  Yet, the costly and time-consuming installation of a conventional aggregate drainage system often compels builders and designers to compromise on drainage.  This compromise can result in maintenance costs that far outweigh those associated with installing an effective drainage system. CCW MiraDRAIN offers specific drainage solutions to meet virtually any project’s requirements.  CCW MiraDRAIN provides the channel for water migration, relieves hydrostatic pressure and protects the waterproofing system.  CCW MiraDRAIN also replaces the excessive weight of a traditional aggregate drainage system, reducing higher shipping weight and cost.


Drainage Boards

CCW MiraDRAIN 1000

Residential grade, rigid hips, damp-proofing product consisting of a three-dimensional, high-impact polystyrene core and a non-woven filter fabric.  The filter fabric is bonded to the dimpled polystyrene core to minimize fabric intrusion and to prevent the passage of soil particles into the core while allowing water to pass freely.

CCW MiraDRAIN 2000
Economical drainage solution for shallow depth foundation walls.  Its intermediate flow rate and compressive strength make CCW MiraDRAIN 2000 ideal for residential and light commercial applications.

CCW MiraDRAIN 5000

This system is designed for applications where two-sided drainage is required.  With a non-woven Geotextile filter fabric bonded to both sides of a pierced dimple core, CCW MiraDRAIN 5000 is most effective in promoting soil stability while intercepting and removing ground water.  Ideal for use as a trench drain or interceptor drain. 

CCW MiraDRAIN 6000/6200

For years, CCW MiraDRAIN 6000 and 6200 have been the industry standard for high-flow, high-compressive strength, vertical single-sided subsurface drainage applications.  CCW MiraDRAIN 6200 is designed for use over MiraDRI Waterproofing Membranes.  The high strength polymeric film adhered to the flat side of the drainage core protects the waterproofing membrane from potential die cutting.

CCW MiraDRAIN 6000XL, 6200XL

CCW MiraDRAIN 6000XL and 6200 XL provide important improvements over the trusted CCW MiraDRAIN 6000/6200 products, designed for use in high-flow, high-compressive  strength, vertical drainage applications where single-sided subsurface drainage is needed.  The new and superior high-strength filter fabric provides greater filtration for a wider range of soil conditions, higher survivability during installation and greater long term performance.   

CCW MiraDRAIN 6200XL is designed for use over CCW Waterproofing Membranes.  The high-strength polymeric film adhered to the flat side of the drainage core protects the waterproofing membrane from potential die cutting.

CCW MiraDRAIN 9000

The industry leader for high-compressive strength horizontal applications, this geocomposite sheet drain features a high-strength woven Geotextile fabric, which limits the intrusion of the fabric into the drainage channels under load.  The woven fabric is better suited to receive a directly poured concrete topping than non-woven Geotextile fabrics.  Ideal for use in plaza deck, parking deck and split slab construction