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Bowman Construction Supply was formed in 1969 by Tom Bowman Sr. and his family.  In its beginnings, it focused on supplying transportation projects with bridge bearing pads and expansion joints.  It was a market that saw immediate growth because of Bowman having a keen sense of the technical aspects of bridge design as well as the ability to supply products with extensive lead times on time. From the very beginning, working with manufacturers and contractors was a key element of success for Bowman and to this day, one of the many reasons that we are still relied upon by both the design and construction community for our materials and added value.

In 2000, Bowman Construction Supply purchased Revex, a landscape supply company in Longmont, CO that had a significant focus on erosion control but more specifically vegetation management and getting vegetation to grow in challenging soils.  Mycorrhizae, humates and fertilization took on a new look and technology was introduced into something as basic as getting grass to grow.  Today that is more largely organized within Rocky Mountain Bio Products, a division of Bowman Construction Supply. 

In 2003, Bowman entered an exciting new business by creating a new division to become a manufacturer’s representative for a wide range of building products.  Windows, doors, wall protection, sky lights, roof hatches, bathroom fixtures, partitions, lockers, awnings and expansion joints are just some of the many products the Architectural Division representatives promote to the architectural community in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.  They work with some of the finest manufacturers including CSI, BASWA, Babcock Davis, Indoor Sky, Okalux, Schott, Super Sky, Trusscore and many more. 

In 2006 , Bowman Construction supply purchased Buckley Powder’s construction supply division.  That division was focused on supplying geotextiles and erosion control to the construction community for many years.  Today Bowman Construction Supply is one of the premier suppliers of Ten Cate Mirafi and their full line of fabrics including woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics as well as specialty high strength geotextiles for poor subgrades, wicking fabrics for mediating sub-surface water and the new RSi fabrics with high water flow to reduce pore water pressure and build roads in very challenging environments.  With the 2 locations in Denver and Longmont, CO, they have sufficient inventory for most all projects and through the superior customer service support from Ten Cate Mirafi, full loads of material can be on a construction site in a matter of days on flat beds suitable for site unloading.

In August of 2016, Bowman Construction Supply was purchased by Hale Holdings, the family ownership group of ASP Enterprises and Quick Supply Co. For more than three decades, Hale Holdings has served the erosion control and geosynthetics industries with expertise and integrity.  This family-owned business is the Midwest’s full-line distributor of erosion control, geosynthetics, stormwater management products, wall block, landscape pavers, and drainage products.

Another significant product offering for Bowman Construction Supply is in the waterproofing market.  Here we have a wide range of products including membranes, cold and hot fluid applied membranes, deck coatings, vapor barriers, and then in drainage, sheet drains, chimney drains and strip drains.  In this market, we are also a supplier of Xypex, a crystalline applied membrane as a concrete additive with multiple applications.  Manufacturers include Henry, Carlisle, Cetco, and Polyguard.  On-site training, inspections and monitoring to comply with warranty requirements are all part of the service Bowman Construction Supply can perform for our valued customers.  

As you can see while Bowman Construction Supply still remains a family owned, family focused company, they are a well-diversified organization focused on customers service in the fast-paced construction industry.  Our preference is creating partners with our vendors and contractors to create a successful environment for both on all projects: transportation, environmental, commercial, residential, and institutional.  No project is too small or too large to get the Bowman Construction Supply exceptional customer service experience and we look at every project to become instrumental to its success as well as yours as partners for the future.