Biosol in Mining, Oil and Gas Reclamation Webinar – September 23rd, 11:30am-12:30pm MST

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We all have some understanding of the above-ground requirements in the reclamation process in the Intermountain West and Midwestern US, but have you considered the below-ground needs? You’ll want to participate in this Technical Webinar hosted by Tom Bowman with Rocky Mountain Bio Products and Bill Agnew with Agnew Environmental Consulting.

Particular emphasis will be on mining, oil, gas and other energy related industries. If you are a mine operator, oil and gas project superintendent/environmental manager, federal or state regulator and/or consultant to the energy sector, this is a one hour webinar you do not want to miss. This webinar will give you much insight into what is available in the marketplace to address your fertility and soil microbial concerns and provide case histories supporting superior reclamation outcomes.

What's unique about Biosol? You have never seen a fertilizer like this for longevity and improving soil health!

Biosol is an all-purpose natural organic fertilizer. Biosol Forte (7-2-1) and Biosol (6-1-1) are multi-nutrient fertilizers due to the complex organic fertilizer that is high in organic matter, chitin and dry mycelium. Biosol is ideal for reclaiming mine sites, oil and gas projects and highly disturbed soils with native vegetation while being environmentally sensitive. Biosol is a fermented plant-based organic fertilizer and soil amendment that is environmentally safe. The stable and high quality nutrients are not water-soluble, therefore it does not leach into ground water.

The high chitin content in Biosol (approximately 5 – 15%) is a vital substance for supporting healthy soil and plant life by reducing soil-borne pathogens and diseases. Dry mycelium, the beneficial proteins contained in Biosol, will be available during multiple growing seasons to enhance soil life and establish a better soil structure. Vegetation is key to stabilizing your disturbance and a combination of Biosol, mycorrhizae inoculant and/or natural humate can significantly promote soil health and outstanding vegetation germination, root development and establishment.