Biosol Organic Fertilizer Webinar – July 29, 11:00 am PT/1:00 pm CT

What's unique about Biosol? You have never seen a fertilizer like this for longevity and improving soil HEALTH! We will also be discussing Mycorrhizae and Native Plant Materials in this webinar.

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Biosol – All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer Products. Biosol Forte (7-2-1) and Biosol (6-1-1) are multi-nutrient fertilizers due to the complex organic fertilizer that is high in organic matter, chitin and dry mycelium. Biosol is a fermented plant based organic fertilizer and soil amendment that is ideal for vegetation around water bodies. Since it is not water-soluble, it does not leach into water bodies.

The high chitin content in Biosol (approximately 5 – 15%) is a vital substance for supporting healthy soil and plant life by reducing soil borne pathogens and diseases. Dry mycelium, the beneficial proteins contained in Biosol, will be available during multiple growing seasons to enhance soil life and establish a better soil structure.