Bowman and CS

Bowman Provides LED Louvers for Standout Project

About the Project:

Location: Denver, CO

Salesperson: Jensen Hulbert

Owner: DaVita

Architect: Gensler

Contractor: Gen3

Date: December 2018

The Challenge

Denver had plans for a new 19-story office tower on 16th street at the end of the outdoor mall. The first floor was designed to hold mechanical equipment that needed intake and exhaust air. A bus stop for the mall shuttle and pedestrian walkway runs alongside louvered facade. While the architect, Gensler, needed airflow and water protection, Gensler also wanted to highlight the building for pedestrian and mall shuttle traffic.

The Solution

Bowman Construction Supply provided Construction Specialties B-7505 storm resistant Bold Line louvers to add an architectural design feature to the DaVita building. Gensler chose multiple colors from the standard palette and took advantage of mechanically fastened blades to make a multi-colored design with the blades. The bold blade on these louvers was delivered with LED lighting strips that make this facade stand out at night, all while delivering air flow and rain protection needed to keep the building running.

The Results

Viewed from the iconic Millennium Bridge, pedestrians will remember this facade. The bold blade and LED lights made an impactful architectural statement both day and night. In the middle of a revitalized Union Station neighborhood, 16th & Chestnut stands out from its peers with architectural louvers by Construction Specialties and Bowman Construction Supply.