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InstaTurf SheaForce 10 Installation for Erosion ControlProject Highlight - ShearForce10, Erosion Control Blanket & Staple Wasp Staple Gun Used for Erosion Control: ASP Enterprises supplied InstaTurf’s ShearForce10 and monster rolls of NAG straw blanket as erosion control solutions for a project at Pleasant Ridge Park. The ShearForce10 was installed in the flow line of the ditch along the park’s bike trail. The ECB monster rolls of NAG straw blanket were installed on the slopes, and blown straw was used on the flatter areas. The crew used a Staple Wasp gun to help with the ECB and ShearForce installation. ShearForce is an effective solution that combines...Keep Reading

Staple Wasp Staple GunProduct Profile - Staple Wasp Staple Gun: Erosion Control Blanket Installation Made Easy - Save your backs, knees, time and money with Staple Wasp. The Staple Wasp Staple Gun was designed to provide a lightweight and dependable solution for staple installation. Staple Wasp makes the installation process faster, using less labor, improving installation quality, and saving the backs and knees of the installation team along the way...Keep Reading

Erosion Control Blanket Installation with Staple WaspCustomer Testimonial on Staple Wasp: "I would never install Erosion Control Blankets without the Staple Wasp. It is truly a lifesaver and a money maker. Without the Staple Wasp, using a pole with the magnet on the end and a rubber mallet to hammer each staple in one at a time, I was able to install twelve 8’x112.5’ blankets in eight hours. Using the Staple Wasp, I was able to install forty-three 8’x112.5’ blankets in eight hours"....Keep Reading

Bill Murphy, P.E.Engineer's Note - Note from Bill Murphy, P.E.: We cannot control nature. From wildfires to derechos, droughts to floods, heat waves to arctic blasts, the only thing certain about life on earth is that it is unpredictable and ever-changing. What we can control is how we respond to natural disasters and how we prepare for future events. We see new methods and technologies being invented and implemented constantly. Muscle Wall is our newest innovative stormwater solution, and we are excited to offer it to you. Tyler Searle with Muscle Wall is visiting our ASP Enterprises and Quick Supply markets this month. We will be demonstrating Muscle Wall in your area, so please join us for a hands-on introduction to this revolutionary new system. If you cannot attend a local demo, please contact us to arrange a visit, and we will bring full-size Muscle Wall samples to you...Keep Reading