Bowman's July 2023 Newsletter

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Flexamat Used for Access Road & Erosion Control in Flow LinesProject Highlight: Flexamat Used on Flood Mitigation Project - Access Road & Erosion Control Solution - The St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District needed a solution for their big basin project at their Harlem Cityshed. The basin was created for flood mitigation to protect the surrounding houses and buildings from wet weather surcharging and overland flooding. The goal of the project is to turn the basin into a green, vegetated basin that can serve as a detention area for excess stormwater. Flexamat was selected as the solution for access roads and water flow lines on this project. Flexamat provides a stable driving surface to stabilize the access roads on this site. It is extremely durable...Keep Reading

KDOT Photodegradable Erosion Control BlanketsIndustry News: Wildlife Friendly Erosion Control & DOTs - Recently, several DOTs have made some adjustments to erosion control solutions that they use, with the emphasis based on the products being “Wildlife Friendly.” Even the Texas DOT(TTI) is adding “Wildlife Friendly” as a product attribute on their approved products list. In the March issue (issue #36) of the Kansas DOT Stormwater Update, they discussed at length the reasoning behind transitioning to biodegradable netting and eliminating plastic or photo-degradable netting. Wildlife friendly is a big part of it, but it is also the ease of reworking a biodegradable netting as opposed to the difficulty of re-seeding photo-degradable netting. Clearly, the DOTs are not worried about a 5-10% increase in the blanket cost; the benefits far outweigh the small cost increase. Other state DOTs in the region are also looking at this change as well...Keep Reading

Derick PittsEmployee Spotlight: Derick Pitts - Inside Sales Representative - Derick Pitts joined ASP Enterprises in January 2023 as an Inside Sales Representative at our Kansas City office! Derick spent the last 10 years in education, most recently working at the Lincoln College Preparatory Academy in Kansas City, MO. There he served as a teacher as well as the head wrestling coach, a track coach and an assistant football coach. Looking for a career change, Derick joined ASP and has quickly learned about our product offerings and the construction industry. His positive attitude and willingness to serve customers, make him a great addition to our team...Keep Reading

Armormax for Solar FarmsEnvironmentally Friendly & Low Carbon Design Solutions for Green Energy Projects Webinar | September 6th | 11:30am-12:30pm MST | Register to Attend - Demand for design and construction of renewable energy (wind and solar) is rapidly growing, driving the need for economically feasible and environmentally friendly best management practices to protect the soil and water. Sustainable and resilient design and construction must deliver hydraulic performance, longevity and a low carbon footprint while minimizing environmental and wildlife impacts. Join Bill Murphy and Ben Campbell from Solmax/Propex as they discuss these important topics.

Bill Murphy, P.E.Engineer's Note: Note from Bill Murphy, P.E. - Not All Plastics Are Created Equal - By now we have all heard the concerns about plastic waste polluting our land, waterways and oceans. Those concerns extend to humans and wildlife. The environmental impacts are well documented. In recent years, many companies have increased or renewed their efforts to use recycled plastics. In the construction industry, we have many erosion control, sediment control and stormwater products made at least in part with plastics. Not all plastics are bad. When looking to replace plastic with another material, we must consider the environmental impacts of those other resources too. Then we must conscientiously choose the best available option. Sometimes that may come at an increased cost. Our company is committed to offering quality products from quality manufacturers. The professional organizations we participate in...Keep Reading