Bowman's May 2023 Newsletter

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Unilock Eco-Optilocā„¢ Permeable Paver Parking LotProject Highlight: Permeable Parking Lots - Hardscape & Stormwater Management Solution - The owner had to install some type of porous paving in the parking lot per the City of Kansas City requirements. The owner was quite frustrated with the choices he had been presented including a Porous Asphalt parking lot or a Porous Concrete parking lot. Both bids put his budget for this project way over. ASP presented the owner with a cheaper alternative, a permeable paver called Eco-Optiloc 10CM. With this paver, special spacer bars create a 12mm gap between units which results in excellent infiltration rates. This product blew the owner away with not only the install price but also the look of the paver...Keep Reading

MirafiĀ® H2Ri Geosynthetic FabricProduct Profile: Mirafi H2Ri - Mirafi® H2Ri is a high-performance wicking geosynthetic fabric. A revolutionary continuous moisture management system, H2Ri is ideal for base course reinforcement and subgrade stabilization. In addition to providing the conventional functions of reinforcement, confinement, separation and filtration, Mirafi H2Ri also provides enhanced lateral drainage of soil/aggregate materials through continuous moisture management. Mirafi H2Ri has unique hydrophilic and hygroscopic wicking yarns that provide enhanced drainage along the plane of the geosynthetic. This leads to a one-of-a-kind ability to...Keep Reading

Expansion of Interstate 70 between Kansas City & St. Louis, MOIndustry News: Vision to Rebuild & Expand I-70 Comes True - On May 5th 2023, the Missouri Legislature passed legislation funding Missouri Transportation. Missouri Legislature approved $2.8 billion in transportation funding to widen I-70 to six lanes from K.C. to St. Louis. Many of you don’t live in Missouri, so why does this newsletter have something for only the locals in Missouri? There are two items of significant importance to this legislation. First, Missouri has been very fiscally responsible with its transportation funding and funding in general, and they have managed to have a $1.4 billion state surplus to help fund specific projects. The second reason is this money will fund an amazing project-turning Interstate 70 into a six-lane super-highway. Today it is almost always congested and difficult to maneuver...Keep Reading

Technical Talks Webinar Series Technical Talks Webinar Series -Thank you to all who attend our monthly webinars! We enjoy hosting these webinars and sharing technical information on the innovative solutions we supply. We are taking a short break from our monthly webinars this summer. Don’t worry, we will resume them in September! Bill Murphy will be back, joined by guests to educate attendees on the various products and unique solutions we offer. Until then, all of our previous webinars can be watched on our YouTube channel. Visit YouTube Channel

Bill Murphy, P.E.Engineer's Note: Note from Bill Murphy, P.E. - Freaky Fast! Soil Tests - Check out Profile Products’ free soil test program, as described, at I did it this month. I gathered soil samples Monday, May 8, shipped them out late that afternoon, and got my results via email Saturday, May 13. Wow! Impressive turn-around time. In addition to “Soil Analysis Results,” they provided “Recommended Prescriptive Agronomic Formulations Based on Soil Analysis” and also “Fertilizer Recommendations.” Within the report, they offer “Customizable Specifications” at and “Profile Technical Document – Soil Testing and Interpretation.” Finally, they offer direct access to my friend Matt Welch, Profile’s Director of Technical Development. BOOM! That is incredible service, and like I said, it is freaky fast! Keep Reading