February Newsletter

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Platipus WebinarPlatipus Webinar | February 24th, 11:30am MST: Learn about Platipus’ earth anchoring systems in this webinar presentation by Andy Constantine with Platipus. Platipus Anchors designs and manufactures high-quality ground anchoring solutions that can be used across a wide range of market sectors, including Civil Engineering & Construction (e.g. retaining walls, slope stabilization, bridge repair, pipelines, guyed structures and erosion control), Landscape (e.g. tree anchoring and irrigation systems) and more. Register Here

AquaBlok WebinarAquaBlok Webinar | March 3rd, 11:30am MST: Learn about AquaBlok in this webinar presentation by Andy Durham with AquaBlok and our own Travis Riehl. AquaBlok is a bentonite-coated aggregate that, when hydrated, self-compacts and provides a low-permeability seal that acts as a barrier for water and chemicals. Aquablok can be used for underground erosion control in pipe trenches, as a lining solution, and it is also capable of facilitating wetland restoration by transferring plant seeds to a targeted area. Register Here

Presto Geoweb WebinarPreseto Geoweb Webinar | March 10th, 11:30am MST: Learn about Presto Geoweb in this webinar presentation by Sam Justice. Geoweb prevents erosion by confining the infill in its cellular structure, making it resistant to sheet flow and preventing scour on slope surfaces. Geoweb’s ability to stimulate vegetation growth makes it a long-term replacement for larger and more expensive rip rap. Geoweb can be used for load support, slope and shoreline protection, channel protection, vegetated retaining walls and more. Register Here

Stratavault ProjectProject Highlight - Seattle DOT Stratavault Project: Travis Riehl, Technical Sales Representative at Cascade, worked with Seattle’s Department of Transportation to find a solution for their urban landscape project that had small, underdeveloped trees and cracked sidewalks. Stratavault was chosen because it...Keep Reading

Bill Murphy, P. E.Engineer's Note: Join us and the industry’s most innovative minds in the erosion and sediment control and stormwater community for the IECA 2021 Virtual Annual Conference and Expo. As the host of the “Green Infrastructure Bioretention” Roundtable, I am inviting you to join us Thursday, February 25 at 9:10am CST. Each roundtable is...Keep Reading