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FODS Trackout Control Mat Case Study

About the Project

Location: Interstate 25, CO

Salesperson: Ryan Anderson

Owner: CDOT

Contractor: Kraemer North America

Date: Fall 2018

The Challenge

In Fall 2018, the Colorado Department of Transportation began a project to add an express lane on each side of Interstate 25 along an 18 mile stretch from Castle Rock, CO to Monument, CO. In order to allow easy access to the contruction site while minimizing the amount of sediment leaving the site, trackout control mats were installed along the interstate.

The Solution

Bowman Construction Supply provided FODS Trackout Control Mats for the application. FODS were selected in lieu of aggregate because of their quick and easy installation, allowing Kraemer North America to phase the mats as needed throughout the project. The FODS applied along Interstate 25 measured 12' wide by 7' long and can be installed on both dirt and paved surfaces.

The Results

As construction continues through Spring 2019, the FODS Trackout Control Mats provide a safer vehicle tracking pad while eliminating sediment displacement on the interstate. For easy maintenance throughout the project, Kraemer will use a FODS shovel to clean and reuse the mats.