Muscle Wall for Temporary Stream Diversion Case Study

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Muscle Wall system for temporary stream diversion.
Muscle Wall for Temporary Stream Diversion

Project Name: Longmont Dam Road Bridge Repair
Location: Lyons, Colorado
Date of Installation: March 2023
Contractor: Coal Creek Excavation
Salesperson: Mick Pyle
Application/Solutions: Muscle Wall used for temporary stream diversion.

The contractor, Coal Creek Excavation, was installing grouted riprap under a bridge on Longmont Dam Road and around the abutments to protect against scouring. This bridge is located over North Saint Vrain Creek. Because of this, the contractor needed a solution to keep the creek water diverted away from the bridge abutments so they could complete the necessary excavation and installation of the grouted riprap.

The 4’ Muscle Wall was selected as the solution and used on this project for temporary stream diversion and dewatering. Muscle Wall is a great solution for diverting the water because it is flexible and can be installed over the rocky creek bottom, and is adjustable to fit the terrain. It has a coupler-joint connection which allows each wall to securely connect with another and easily be reconfigured. Once connected, the Muscle Wall is filled with water to secure it in place. After this, the Muscle Wall is covered in a 30ml liner to seal out water.

Muscle Wall is a lightweight system that can be deployed and taken down with just a small team of workers and without the aid of heavy equipment. At the end of a project, simply empty the Muscle Wall, making for easy take down and transportation for reuse. Muscle Wall is a great temporary solution that doesn’t cause any damage to the creek or surrounding area when easily removed after the project is completed.

Muscle Wall 4' (MW-103) Panels, Muscle Wall Liner Clips, 30-Mil Coated Woven Polyethylene (CWPE) Liner

Muscle Wall, along with a 30ml CWPE liner, did an excellent job of keeping the water diverted, giving the contractor a “bone dry creek bed” to work on while excavating the old riprap and installing the new, stronger and more aesthetically pleasing matrix riprap. Coal Creek shared, “The convenience of the Muscle Wall product is what first got us interested in implementing it on this project. The effectiveness of Muscle Wall is what led us to purchase our set immediately after our first trial. It worked great and was exactly what we needed for this project.”

Muscle Wall for Temporary Stream Diversion
Muscle Wall for Temporary Stream Diversion