November Newsletter

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Permeable Paving Systems WebinarPermeable Paving Systems Webinar: In this webinar hosted by Doug Buch with PaveDrain, learn about monitoring volume, tracking events and scheduling maintenance when combining PaveDrain permeable paving system with a P4 INFIL-Tracker. Contact us about earning a PDH Certificate by watching the webinar recording. Watch Webinar Here

Evolution of Stormwater Management WebinarEvolution of Stormwater Management Webinar | November 18th, 11:30am MST: "From Grey, to Green, to Smart" hosted by David Batts of Construction EcoServices. 
Learn about the evolution of stormwater management, from grey infrastructure consisting of storm catch basins, pipes and ponds, to green infrastructure consisting of permeable pavers and bioswales, to SMART infrastructure that allows us to automatically control our discharges and store performance data in the cloud. Register Here

FocalPoint Bioretention ProjectRetrofitting Bioretention in a Mature Neighborhood: Steve Krehbiel, Quick Supply and our engineer, Bill Murphy, assisted with the installation of a FocalPoint high-performance modular biofiltration system for this project. FocalPoint is an awesome solution for creating green infrastructure in a fully developed, mature neighborhood due to its modular design allowing flexibility. The only constant during construction of urban infill projects is that you never know what you are going to find when you begin digging. Unmapped utilities, unexpected conflicts and large tree roots can all be accommodated by...Keep Reading

FODS Trackout Control MatsProduct Profile - FODS: FODS trackout control mat systems offer a unique design to effectively remove mud, rock and other debris from vehicle tires without damaging the tire or the ground’s surface. Keep Reading

Bill Murphy, P. E.Engineer's Note: Wes Farrand, P.E. at Snyder & Associates, was the project engineer for the Near West Side Sewer Separation (NWSSS) project for the city of Des Moines, IA. He explained what started as a combined sewer separation project led to an initiative by the city to incorporate green infrastructure to reduce flows before connecting to old, existing, undersized storm sewer pipes downstream. FocalPoint biofiltration system was chosen due to...Keep Reading