Solmax/Propex Webinar - September 6th - 11:30am

Join us Wednesday, September 6th from 11:30am-12:30pm MST for our Environmentally Friendly & Low Carbon Design Solutions for Green Energy Projects Webinar! Our webinars are for answering questions, sharing technical information and collaborating on projects, plus attendees receive a PDH certificate for attending. 

Solmax/Propex Webinar Registration - Demand for design and construction of renewable energy (wind and solar) is rapidly growing, driving the need for economically feasible and environmentally friendly best management practices to protect the soil and water. Sustainable and resilient design and construction must deliver hydraulic performance, longevity and a low carbon footprint while minimizing environmental and wildlife impacts. Join Bill Murphy, P.E. and Ben Campbell, P.E. from Solmax/Propex as they discuss these important topics. Learn about the applications and benefits of these solutions, successful case studies & more.

Armormax Solution for Solar Farms
Mirafi Geotextiles for Solar Farms