Aqua-Bloc is an asphalt membrane available in four varations for application to horizontal or vertical surfaces, above or below grade. Applications for Aqua-Bloc include foundations, tunnels, planters, retaining walls, elevator pits and balconies.

Aqua-Bloc WB

This water-based varation of Aqua-Bloc is approved or use over damp or green concrete. Aqua-Bloc WB is applied with either a trowel, brush or spray and can be used as one coat or multiple coats with reinforcing fabric. This grade of Aqua-Bloc is often recommended for waterproofing Insulated Concrete Form foundations. Aqua-Bloc WB is designed for use on both horizontal and vertical applications.

Aqua-Bloc SB

Aqua-Bloc SB is a solvent-based grade of Aqua-Bloc that is ideal for cold weather jobs and can be applied using a trowel or spray. This membrane is also designed to repair damaged hot rubberized membranes and can be applied in single layers or multiple layers for reinforcement. Aqua-Bloc SB is highly flexible and displays superior adhesion to most construction surfaces.

Aqua-Bloc 2P

Aqua-Bloc 2P is Aqua-Bloc's two component, 100% solids varation that is designed to level, repair and waterproof irregular concrete surfaces. Because of it's self-leveling capability, Aqua-Bloc 2P is also used in conjunction with Blueskin WP200 as a leveling coat. Aqua-Bloc 2P may be applied using a squeegee or trowel and sets rapidly to develop a strong bond with the application surface.

Aqua-Bloc QS

This quick-setting version of Aqua-Bloc is ideal for quick backfilling requirements and is specifically designed with vertical applications in mind. To put in Aqua-Bloc QS, use a spray application combined with the setting agent. This will ensure the product is set through upon application to allow immediate backfilling.

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