ERTEC Ditch Guard

Ditch Guard™ – Check-Dam for Ditches and Channels

Ditch Guard is a patented high performing and low-cost product used to protect roadside ditches, swales, and channels from erosion and sediment loss. Ditch Guard acts like a check-dam to slow concentrated flow, reducing flow velocities and downstream erosive energy. Installation is fast with Ditch Guard and, after vegetation is established, it is easily removed and reusable. Ditch Guard is an important part of a comprehensive BMP system for soil stabilization. Ditch Guard is made from durable and recyclable HDPE and is available in 5-inch and 9-inch heights.

Product Benefits:
Cut project costs by 50%

  • Low first and total cost
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Fast installation, lightweight
  • Easy to remove, store and reuse
  • Compact storage and transportation
  • Low shipping and storage costs

Better Performance

  • High sediment retention
  • Reduced undercutting and scouring

Specs & Info

Bowman serves Colorado & Wyoming with offices in Denver, Loveland and Colorado Springs.

Product Applications