ERTEC Top Guard Drain Inlet Protection

ERTEC Environmental Systems is dedicated to protecting global lands and waterways. Their Top Guard™ line of drain inlet protection products are installed above ground and balance the trade-off between safety allowing flow and sediment control. 

Top Guard inlet protectors are better for:

  • Installation Speed - Installs above ground. No grates to remove
  • Inspection Speed - Accumulated sediment and debris above ground
  • Maintenance Speed - No grates to remove
  • Removal Speed - No grates to remove
  • Installer Safety - Reduced claims for hand, foot and back injuries
  • Road Safety - Balances sediment control with minimal flow backup
  • Total Costs - Significantly lower

Curb Inlet Guard   Curb Inlet Guard - Protects curb inlets

Combo Guard   Combo Guard - Protects curb & grate combination inlets 

Drop Guard   Drop Guard - Protects unpaved field drop inlets

GR8 Guard   GR8 Guard - Protects paved drain inlets round or rectangular grates 

Slot Guard   Slot Guard - Protects slot and trench drains

Product Applications