Extended Term Erosion Control Blankets

For these long-term solutions, Western Excelsior Excel CS-3 blankets offer high-quality erosion control for 15-24 months. Excel CS-3 blankets are a blend of coconut fibers and straw stitched between two nets. These blankets are ideal for slope applications and may also be used as a degradable liner for channels. 

Western Excelsior's Excel CC-4 blankets are designed for erosion control projects needing 30-36 months of protection. Excel CC-4 blankets are composed entirely of coconut fibers stitched between two nets. 

Western Excelsior also offers solutions for permanent erosion control. These blankets are designed to be used for more than 36 months and are constructed with UV-stabilized nets to ensure longevity. 

All Western Excelsior products are produced in the USA and yield LEED credits for the end-user.

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Product Applications