HydroStraw All In One BFM

HydroStraw's All In 1 BFM addresses the biological, chemical, and physical requirements for stabilizing and restoring vegetation on disturbed soil sites, as well as controlling erosion during vegetation establishment.

All In 1 BFM consists of heat and mechanically treated wheat straw fibers which are environmentally safe, biodegradable and produced from annually renewable materials combined with a non-toxic brown colorant as an application aid.

The porous matrix of the wheat straw encourages water infiltration, enabling the new seedlings to easily pass thru the matrix. The combination of the wheat straw fibers together with our cross linked high strength polymer binders provides effective erosion prevention and increased vegetation establishment.

  • Micronized Natural Fertilizer
  • Biological Inoculant Food System
  • Soil Building Attributes to Rejuvenate the Soil
  • Designed for Disturbed Sites
  • Biotic Soil Matrix Designed for Low Organic/Nutrient Site

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Bowman serves Colorado & Wyoming with offices in Denver, Loveland and Colorado Springs.

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