Rainier Bonded Fiber Matrix

Rainier Fiber BFM consists of long strand 100% virgin wood fibers along with a high strength, nontoxic, hydrocolloid-based and cross-linked organic tackifier giving the product extra holding power. The system sprays on like mulch and forms a blanket that adheres to the soil surface. When dry, the blanket matrix is porous, erosion resistant and protects the soil surface. The matrix retains its integrity and soil protection despite re-wetting. When applied over the soil surface, the wood fibers twist and interlock with each other and the soil as they dry. With the added tackifier, the holding power of the fiber to the soil is much stronger than mulch without tackifier, thus providing increased erosion protection.

Rainier Fiber BFM is 100% biodegradable and is non-toxic to fish and wildlife.

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