Soil Vault Systems

Stratavault, an innovative soil cell system, will add life to your urban trees and assure ongoing success for your streetscape projects. Trees in urban areas struggle due to a lack of soil volume for their tree roots. Stratavault soil cells provide structural support to surrounding sidewalks and roads while also creating a void space underneath for soil for the tree's roots to grow. Gone are the days of urban trees dying young and needing to be replaced in 3-5 years. Stratavault gives trees the opportunity to grow and thrive for 50+ years.

Stratavault Features: 

  • increases the life expectancy of urban trees from 3-5 years to 50+ years 
  • helps with stormwater management 
  • improves water quality
  • provides structural support to surrounding sidewalks and roads
  • made from 100% recycled materials
  • assembles to form an interconnected matrix, so applied loads are shared and lateral strength maximized
  • super-fast and ‘hassle-free’ assembly on site

Watch our Stratavault Webinar for more info.

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