StarTak 600 is a high-performance organic slope stabilizer and erosion control product. StarTak is one of the most cost-effective, naturally occurring organic tackifiers on the market. Manufactured from 100% all-natural agricultural product, StarTak 600 is safe for the environment and personnel.

StarTak is used to increase seed to soil contact for better seed germination and plant growth. It has also been used for erosion control and is effective in significantly reducing soil loss and runoff in heavy rain events.

Functions of StarTak:

  • Controls erosion during seed germination and plant establishment
  • Reduces runoff and soil loss in heavy cumulative rain events
  • Temporary slope stabilizer during construction
  • Post-fire slope stabilizer/revegetation tackifier
  • Hydroseeding tackifier 
  • Straw/hay overspray binder
  • Dust control agent

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Product Applications