TenCate Mirafi® PET-Series

TenCate Mirafi® PET-Series woven high-strength polyester geotextiles are used to provide soil reinforcement when constructing embankments over soft soils.  TenCate Mirafi® PET-Series geotextiles provide the highest tensile and long term design strength (LTDS) available in any geosynthetic. PET-Series geosynthetics are composed of high tenacity and high molecular weight polyester yarns which provide excellent creep resistance, strength, and soil interaction. 

PET-Series at a glance:

  • Higher long term design strengths per GRI-GT7 requirements
  • Soil confinement for greater load distribution
  • Cost-effective for reinforced soil structures

Applications Include:  

  • Embankments
  • Void Spanning

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