Tensar H-Series Geogrids

With Tensar H-Series Geogrids, engineers and contractors can reap the benefits of the optimized geometry of the advanced Tensar InterAx geogrid at a more economical cost.

The broader range of aperture shapes and sizes of Tensar H-series geogrids allows for better compatibility between the geogrid and multiple fill materials, improving particle confinement under compaction and repetitive loading.

Better geogrid-fill compatibility provides an effective stabilized layer with less fill material, reducing project costs and construction time.

Benefits of the H-Series geogrids include

  • Ideal for stabilizing soft subgrades, constructing access roads and improving pavement performance at a more economical cost than Tensar's advanced InterAx geogrid
  • Provides a resilient solution for building higher performing trafficked surfaces that can withstand the impact of severe weather and challenging environmental conditions
  • Optimized geometry that enhances the interlock of fill materials, creating an efficient stabilized layer
  • Proven to reduce initial and lifecycle costs, reduce construction time, and gain sustainability benefits on projects
 H-Series Geogrid

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