Bowman's August 2023 Newsletter

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Concrete Canvas Used as Ditch Lining to Provide Erosion ControlProject Highlight: Concrete Canvas® Used as Ditch Lining Solution - Concrete Canvas® used to provide erosion control to flow drainage located on the side of a highway. Problem: During periods of rainfall, rainwater runoff from the I-25 highway was causing the slope to erode. Flow drains that were originally designed to discharge rainwater runoff from the highway and down the slope were being eroded, creating costly maintenance repairs. CDOT needed a long-term solution to mitigate the issues. Solution: Concrete Canvas® (CC) was used to provide erosion control to a ditch used to divert water runoff from the highway. CC was chosen as the alternative solution to pipe or a paved ditch due to the speed at which it can be installed, and also because of its minimal need for maintenance...Keep Reading

Presto GEOPAVE Porous PavementPorous Pavement Webinar | October 4th | 11:30am-12:30pm MST | Register to Attend - Join Bill Murphy, P.E. & Sam Justice, P.E. from Presto Geosystems as they discuss porous pavement solutions. Today’s increasingly stringent stormwater regulations continue to create the need for stormwater management. The preferred method is to retain the stormwater on-site rather than having it move off-site through overland flow or into storm sewers. Typical solutions—retention or detention ponds—are expensive to construct, occupy valuable land, require significant maintenance, present safety hazards, and are unattractive nuisances. An alternative solution is to reduce the amount of impermeable surface on the site. Rigid and flexible plastic porous pavement systems provide a low-cost, easy-to-install surface designed to handle the most demanding load requirements. The porous pavers from Presto Geosystems can have a vegetated or aggregate infill, depending on your project needs

CASFM & IECA Mountain States ConferencesIndustry News: Join Us at the Upcoming Conferences We're Attending - 2023 Annual CASFM Conference - September 17-20, 2023 | Keystone, CO - Connect with industry professionals to discuss and learn about stormwater and floodplain management solutions. IECA Mountain States Conference & Expo - November 13-14, 2023 | Westminster, CO - This IECA conference brings together a network of professionals in the erosion and sediment control industry to share the latest technology and provide educational experiences. Together, we can embrace sustainability, advance our technical skills, and protect our precious natural resources.

DaLynn WalkerEmployee Spotlight: DaLynn Walker - Inside Sales Representative - DaLynn has been in the erosion, sediment control, revegetation, reclamation and waterway restoration industry since 1998, and has been with Bowman Construction Supply for 23 years. Through the years, she has built great relationships with vendors, customers and co-workers. Her favorite part of the job is working with the customers and making sure they get what they need to complete their projects each day. Her extensive product knowledge with mulches, tackifiers, soil amendments, seed, blankets and koir products makes her an excellent resource for our contractors, as well as co-workers. Living in Colorado her entire life has given DaLynn a love for the outdoors, and by working in this industry, she gets to help preserve and protect it! Outside of work, DaLynn enjoys spending time with her husband Scot, their two grandchildren, and camping...Keep Reading

Armormax for Solar FarmsEnvironmentally Friendly & Low Carbon Design Solutions for Green Energy Projects Webinar | September 6th | 11:30am-12:30pm MST | Click to Watch Recording - Demand for design and construction of renewable energy (wind and solar) is rapidly growing, driving the need for economically feasible and environmentally friendly best management practices to protect the soil and water. Sustainable and resilient design and construction must deliver hydraulic performance, longevity and a low carbon footprint while minimizing environmental and wildlife impacts. Join Bill Murphy, P.E. and Ben Campbell, P.E. from Solmax/Propex as they discuss these important topics.

Stratavault Soil Cells Installation DemoEngineer's Note: Note from Bill Murphy, P.E. - Nothing Beats Hands-On Experience - Urban trees are becoming increasingly popular across the country for a variety of reasons, including reduced heat island effect, relief from the sun on hot days, cleaner water, cleaner air, healthier environments, happier spaces, and the list goes on and on. We recently hosted a field demonstration in downtown Denver with our friends from Citygreen where attendees learned about Stratavault soil cells and got the opportunity to assemble several units with their own hands. Landscape architects, civil engineers, city planners, inspectors and contractors worked together in a fun, interactive outdoor activity. It was an excellent opportunity for networking, learning, and growing together towards a common goal - green infrastructure in a community they love. St. Louis and Kansas City, get ready because you’re next! Keep Reading