Bowman's September Newsletter

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Presto Geoweb Installation for Erosion Control & Slope StabilizationProject Highlight - Massive Erosion Requires Solutions at Rainier River Walk Project - Presto Geoweb Supplied as Solution: Cascade Geosynthetics worked with LCD Excavation on the Rainier River Walk project for the City of Rainier, Oregon. The contractor faced massive erosion at this project site that was close to multiple structures. Our technical sales representative, Travis Riehl, worked with LCD on preliminary designs to propose an ideal solution. Presto’s Geoweb was installed on the bank slopes and as a retaining wall to reinforce outfalls and stabilize the river bank for the city’s new riverwalk. The Geoweb Soil Stabilization System prevents erosion by...Keep Reading

ProGanics Biotic Soil Media Product Profile -  Engineered Soil Media Solutions: We are proud to supply the Profile Products line of the most advanced Engineered Soil Media — ProGanics Biotic Soil Media and ProGanics DUAL Biotic Soil + Erosion Control. Starting with soil test results to ensure unique site challenges are met, these products are engineered to help soils reach their fullest potential for vegetative establishment and more effective, long-term erosion control. Keep Reading to learn more about these products! Picture of ProGanics application.

Biosol Organic FertilizerIt's Revegetation Season! Biosol Forte Organic Fertilizer for Vegetation Improvement: Now is the best time to focus on revegetation and vegetation management to ensure success for next year. Contact us for assistance with all your revegetation projects, and we’ll help with seed and fertilizer selections. Biosol Forte is ideal for any application involving poor or disturbed soils, including mining reclamation, road cut revegetation, high altitude revegetation, general landscaping and soil restoration. Biosol is a high-performance organic fertilizer. It is a long-lasting solution composed of...Keep Reading Pictured is before the Biosol Forte application and two years after the application.

Bill Murphy, P.E.Engineer's Note - Note from Bill Murphy, P.E.: In our profession, we are in the business of protecting natural resources wherever possible. It is in our nature to help nature. To do that, we must constantly be learning; growing our knowledge. All the knowledge in the world is worthless without proper application. We must get our hands dirty putting our solutions into practice. We must surround ourselves with good people and know when to listen to the voices of experience. In this newsletter and upcoming correspondence, you will see opportunities to join us at conferences across the US. You will also learn of some of the ways we are giving back to our communities. Please stay in close contact with us and share your challenges and your successes. We would love to collaborate with you on solving problems and sharing knowledge, growing wisdom. Please know that we are cheering for you, and we are hopeful for your success...Keep Reading