Covergent Water Technologies' FocalPoint is a high performance modular biofiltration system designed to manage both stormwater quantity and quality. FocalPoint uses physical, chemical and biological means to remove pollutants from stormwater. This system offers efficiency and durability with the use of engineered soils and a highly pervious underdrain system. 

The key to FocalPoint's performance is its unique biofiltration media. This mix provides high flow rates to the tune of 100" per hour with pollutant removal rates consistent with traditional biorentention. Furthermore, this system can be tailored to specific needs with the ability to modify its removal properties to target certain pollutants. FocalPoint is also characterized by its much smaller footprint. FocalPoint is a strong example of low impact development by matching the performance of a traditional biofiltration system with 1/20th the square footage.

To ensure performance, Convergent includes flow rate testing and maintenance for the first full year after installation at no additional cost. 

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